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Eleanor Joy McDonald

Painter of whatever is lovely

Despite the popularity of abstract art, many people appreciate the high realism achieved by the old masters. Eleanor strives to follow her first art instructor’s advice:  "Paint what you see."

Her ability to render paintings in high realism caught the attention of ranchers in Utah.  When they saw Eleanor's painting of Secretariat and enlarged the image, they were enthralled by his lifelike eye and commissioned a 2'x6' oil painting of two horses.

Eleanor's love of nature, inspired by her mother during her formative years on the farm, is evident in her paintings.

As a young mother herself, Eleanor pursued her artistic career with formal instruction in London, Ontario; The Gallery on the Lake, Buckhorn; Kitchener landscape artist, Mike Roth; watercolour classes at the Homer Watson Gallery, Kitchener.

During the eleven years the family spent in the Netherlands Caribbean (1973-1984) while serving with Trans World Radio on Bonaire, Eleanor continued to observe and appreciate the totally different world around her. She created a colouring book for children called "Colour the ABCs."

Eleanor recently authored the book "Little Dutch Isle" available on which describes the family's unusual experiences during those years.

We trust some of her paintings may become a treasured part of your surroundings as they have for an American family in Delaware who collected the four originals of her horse series.

As you browse Eleanor's work, I think you will agree that while she has a varied palette on many subjects . . . her moniker of "painter of whatever is lovely" happens in oil and watercolour--on canvas and paper.

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